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Need to get staff shirts or uniforms for your sports team?

FREE Embroidery! on Orders of 24pc or more of the same items purchased though us equaling $20 each or more.  We will embroider 1 placement with a heart-sized design up to 8,000 stitches with no extra cost!  Offer is available for a limited time and conditions may apply.

  • Using stock designs

    We have many stock designs that you can use from one of our catalogs and add one of our 170+ pre-digitized embroidery alphabets to help you personalize it.


    We also have many stock templates that can be customized to your needs along with 1000's of stock clip art for printing. For more information on custom printing visit the printing section or visit one of our Online Stores.

  • Can I create my own custom design?

    Yes you can use one of  our stock designs and add your name or lettering with our 170+ pre-digitized embroidery alphabets to help you personalize it with no extra charges.


    If you have your own  custom design for company, small business or just personal use, we can help you create it for embroidery or printing (some  extra service setup charges may apply).  We digitize in house  and have been known to be  one of the top digitizing services known for our quality and detail and clean lettering.

  • Can I bring my own apparel to be embroider?

    Yes, but not all fabrics are embroidery friendly and Unique Embroidery can not be held responsible if product gets damaged and reserves the option not to replace an item.

What is embroidery

Contract & Wholesale

Personal apparel

What is embroidery?


Embroidery is the technique of decorating apparel, fabric, or other materials with needle and thread. Embroidery. In our case we have multiple head embroidery machines that take designs from an attached computer and sew them onto the product to match the specifications of the design.

The process begins with the design being converted from a typical computer format such as a jpeg, into a digital format that the embroidery machine can read. This process is known as digitizing and in many cases it can be one of the most time consuming parts of the whole process. Once the file is digitized, it is goes into the embroidery program on the computer attached to the embroidery machine. The products are set up and attached to the embroidered heads and the proper thread colors are put into the machine for the embroidery. The rest is magic.....not really but it is beyond the scope of detailed explanation because the computer sends the instructions to the embroidery machine and the design is sewn onto to the product.


Embroidery is great on hats, polos, and outerwear to name just a few. One of the major benefits is that it lends a very professional tone to the item it is added to. For this reason it is very commonly done on uniform pieces, or on items that a business wants to give away or sell as promotional goods. Unlike screen printing, for embroidery the number of colors in the design has no bearing on the price. This makes it a great choice for a design that features many different colors. Here at Unique Embroidery and Printing we are proud to offer embroidery as a customization option for our customers.

Contract & Wholesale


We are known to be mid Michigan's # 1 contract and wholesale embroiderer and printer for  wearable apparel for small companies,larger corporations, organizations, school uniforms and spiritwear, and more.  We service many ASI  and PPAI companies also known as promotional product companies which sell many other printed items with your logo.


Our service has been used all over the United States of America and in some other countries outside the US.  We have also serviced major companies, film companies and a few celebrities and staff for filming or performing in concert.

Personal apparel & custom gifts


We can embroider any size job from just a shirt for your personal need for work or home or help you create a custom gift for any occasion.


We have many stock designs that you can choose from one of our catalogs and add 1 of our 170+ pre-digitized embroidery alphabets to help you personalize it.