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How is screen printing done:


Screen printing is a process that involves pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto fabric. The stencil opening creates the space through which the ink will go, to create the design. The ink is then pushed over the mesh, pulled by a fill blade or squeegee. As the blade is pulled, the ink is pushed through the mesh, onto the garment.


Because of the technique of screen printing, only one color can be applied at a time. Therefore, the amount of colors in a t-shirt a limited, and each layer demands more time, another screen and stencil, and ultimately, more money. Screen printing is a good choice for simple designs, one solid color, and when you’re making many t-shirts of the same design at a time.


For Jersey lettering and numbering as in sports teams you may want to check out our Sports Film (Heat Seal) process.

Do screen-printed T-shirts last longer than DTG-printed shirts?

Neither printing process will fade faster than the other; you don’t have to worry about DTG prints washing out the first time you stick it in your washing machine. However, we all have that T-shirt from middle school sitting at the bottom of our drawer that’s faded and worn itself out over time. We can’t promise that your T-shirt will last forever (as much as you want it to), but we can guarantee a quality print no matter which process you choose to use.